How we do it

Cence’s role in the training and development field is that of facilitator and implementer of development projects.

All projects designed by Cence are based on the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach (SLA).  The Sustainable Livelihoods Approach (SLA) is a method of analysing and changing the lives of people experiencing poverty.  It is a participatory approach based on the recognition that all people have abilities and assets that can be developed to help them improve their lives.

Through partnerships and networks, Cence works within communities to help them assess their development needs, source the required resources to meet these needs and manage and quality assure the implementation of development projects.

Cence also believes in investing in the communities where we implement projects through the inclusion, where possible, of skilled community members in the project. Cence aims to recruit as many local community members in the provision of Cence services as possible. This can include project managers, facilitators and caterers.

Education is not solely about earning a great living. It means living a great life.- Brad Henry