Cence stands for “Community Education Through National Collaboration & Enablement” – creating opportunities for employment and social enterprise in all the communities of South Africa.

We offer holistic training and skills development solutions, focusing on

  • youth
  • women
  • entrepreneurs
  • community leaders
  • educators

based on community developmental needs and community member requirements.

Our national footprint, through collaborative partners like schools, churches, municipalities and community organisations, makes it possible to implement development projects on a national basis.

Cence is accredited as Service Provider for the following institutions

  • Services Seta


  • To eradicate poverty through enablement.


  • To promote a culture of sustainable development within communities;
  • To promote skills development as a solution to personal and community development;
  • To encourage creative thinking and social responsibility within communities;
  • To assist in generating innovative and competitive businesses within communities; and
  • To promote excellence in financial and business management for individuals, companies and communities.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Corporate Collaborative Partnerships

  • Cence Services
  • South African Insurance Association – SAIA
  • Moonstone Information Refinery (Financial Services & Management Consulting)

Church structures

  • National Religious Association for Social Development
  • United Reformed Church in Southern Africa

Agri-Entrepreneur Specialist Collaborative Partners

  • Agriculture Research Council – ARC (Skills Development)
  • Agricultural Training Initiative Elsenburg (Agriculture Skills Development and Training)
  • AgriSETA (Skills Development) o Nguni Cattle Breeders’ Association (Nguni Cattle Breeding)
  • Agri Culture Our Future Today (Audiovisual Learning Material)
  • AgriExpert (Agriculture Development)
  • Land Service Youth Movement (Skills Development and Conservation)

E-Learning Specialist Collaborative Partners

  • Dr. Ernest van Zyl – Adjunct Faculty Professor ISAE

Media groups

  • Agri TV Media
  • Multi Media Design

Tertiary Institutions, Municipalities, Educational Institutions, Financial Institutions

Cence also enjoys good working relationships with a number of tertiary institutions, municipalities, education institutions and financial institutions.

  • Receive membership in a strong, well-managed, focused organisation;
  • Expand consumer base through network partnerships (Advertise on Cence Website);
  • Corporate and Social Investment opportunities;
  • Quality service delivery on Development Projects;
  • Joint ventures & BEE partnership on investments, tenders and projects;
  • Businesses can get appropriate exposure through network and project launches;
  • Partnership with a Cence accredited training provider and registered NPOs;
  • Participation in the empowerment of communities by rendering a high level of service delivery;
  • Creating network opportunities, by working together.

Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir man’s blood. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work. – D H Burnham